Sunday, 8 December 2013

Corfu (Kerkyra); Old Town

Corfu; Old Town
Corfu; Old Fortress
Corfu; Liston
Corfu; Old Town, Vrachliotis Square
Corfu; Old Town, Campielo
Corfu; statue of Sir Frederick Adam

Corfu; Spianada, Maitland Peristyle
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Friday, 3 December 2010

Archeological Museum

Gorgo relief from the tympanum of the archaic temple of Artemis
Attic red-figure volute crater
Bachhus with companion in the tympanum of his temple
Portrait of greek poet Menandros
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Antivouniotissa (Byzantine Museum)

Icon of Saints Sergius, Bacchus and Justina by
Michael Damaskenos, painted after the naval
battle of Naupaktos in 1571
Church of Panaghia (Our Lady) Antivouniotissa,
15th century

Noli me tangere (Touch Me Not) by Emmanuel
Tzanes, 1657
Theotokos Hodeghetria, end of the 15th century
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